Assisting those who help cities grow.

Our Technical & Scientific group focuses and specializes within construction and engineering projects relating to all forms of infrastructure. Our capabilities affords us the strengths needed to deliver on small, medium and large scopes across Canada and beyond. Alongside our systems, processes and structures specialization, this group equally is focused on product manufacturing that supports both the buildings and infrastructure sectors.

PMC Specialist Recruitment Solutions uses the term ‘infrastructure’ to define all physical structures, systems and processes required or needed in human civilization to accommodate for the ‘living and breathing’ of society which overlaps and is connected to our Buildings group. Our firm partners with and represents those involved in the following:


  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • Highways
  • Rail
  • Ports


  • Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution (Nuclear, Hydro, Fossil Fuels, etc.)
  • Natural Gas & Petroleum Pipelines
  • District Heating & Cooling

Municipal & Environmental

  • Water/Waste water (Supply & Distribution)
  • Drainage
  • Irrigation
  • Utility Networks
  • Local Distribution Networks
  • Coordination & Management

Mining, Oil & Gas, EPCM

  • Engineering
  • Products
  • Construction
  • Process
  • Systems


  • Mechanical Equipment & Systems
  • Electrical Equipment & Systems
  • Civil works
  • Technical Devices

Whether you are an employer seeking key staff or a professional looking for your next role, PMC Specialist Recruitment Solutions offers its specialty service and expertise producing effective and efficient results.

PMC Specialist Recruitment Solutions is founded on and dedicated to delivering professional staffing solutions and unparalleled service to meet the goals and objectives of our clients and candidates while excelling in integrity, honesty and responsiveness.


PMC Specialist Recruitment Solutions specializes in the recruitment of design and construction professionals related to the buildings and infrastructure industries. Our networks are deeply entrenched in the construction market and are focused on meeting the goals and objectives of clients and candidates locally, nationally and internationally.

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A specialist recruitment firm provides staffing solutions to companies from particular industries. Compared to a generalist recruiter, a specialist knows your industry and understands its particular human resource demands as well as the goals and aspirations of the people who work in that industry.

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Visit our careers section for an up to date listing of the opportunities we are engaged in across different regions, disciplines and markets. For a more extensive list of all live vacancies, please feel free to contact one of our consultants at any of our locations and we look forward to being of assistance

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Given a number of our engagements are strictly confidential, you will not see them advertised. Please feel free to submit your details in the strictest of confidence and one of our consultants will look forward to speaking with you. Let us inform you of opportunities that are in line with your career goals and objectives that otherwise may go unnoticed.

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