A Look at IT in 2019: Trends, Growth & Careers

The world of IT is ever evolving, and this is apparent within the job market as well. This rapid evolution has led to an immense increase in the number of jobs which has, in turn, earned Canada’s tech sector the title of the fastest growing industry in the country. Furthermore, Toronto recently beat out Silicon Valley and has become the fastest growing market for tech jobs in the world. Companies and candidates in this day and age look for the right fit when choosing their next employee and/or employer. However, there are specific skills, technologies, and languages that make some roles more attractive and hotter in the market, leaving others in the dust.

Right now, if one were to type in “IT jobs” on Google, the hottest jobs would be in the Security and the Cloud space. As a matter of fact, with the shifting trends in the industry, it can easily be said that these two verticals are the first ones anyone would think of when thinking of jobs in IT. However, developers regardless of the languages they use are still very much in demand!

The Privacy, Compliance, and Security sector are also booming right now, so much so that every day sees an increase with people specializing within that field. Application Security, Security Architects, Network Security, Privacy and Compliance Officers are just some of the areas within security that have started to gain enormous popularity lately. Cisco products and services are becoming a prime need for security services in IT, and therefore, the market currently is seeing many candidates becoming well versed with Cisco. Almost every IT company has started a security practice and has begun exponentially hiring for this practice due to immense popularity and the need for all companies to protect their data and customers’ data.

Upon more in-depth analysis, it is unmistakable that both Development and Infrastructure have climbed their way upto the top with notable hot jobs. In the infrastructure world, Level 1 support jobs are high on the rise amongst new grads as it allows them to have their “foot in the door” by giving them an excellent introduction to the IT world. Moreover, Field Technician roles, Level 3 Technicians are also highly in demand as for most companies they act as their last line of defence where most issues are escalated.

The development world continues to be a hot market and one of the top paying jobs in IT. Clients are looking for Polyglot Developers, developers who can write in multiple programming languages who genuinely understand the core fundamentals of programming and knows what languages and frameworks to use when. The popular languages are Node.JS, Python, React.JS, GO lang, .NET and Dynamics AX. Developers who can pull intelligence out of very large sets of Data are in very high demand. In turn, this has given rise to jobs that require candidates who have experience with Postgres SQL, Mongo DB, Spark, Pig, Hive, Elastic Search, SSIS, SSRS, SQL, NoSQL among others.

Microsoft and Linux continue to dominate the market as top desirable ecosystems along with AWS and Azure being the top choices for preferred cloud services. Another new and hot position that has steadily climbed up the ranks in the IT world is one that bridges the gap between development and operations, more popularly known as DevOps! Positions involving DevOps are high on the rise in various organizations. These positions are also extremely desirable to candidates as they work with the newest technologies while getting paid top dollars.

The IT industry is one that offers competitive salaries and tremendous career growth which has made it extremely attractive amongst job seekers, who continuously learn/develop and hone their skills to be up to date with the current hiring trends within the industry. To see the current IT job openings PMC is hiring for, check out the careers page on our website.


Daanish Ahmed
Business Manager, IT Solutions
PMC Specialist Recruitment Solutions

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