Dissecting a Recruitment Consultant

Depicting the benefits of partnering with a Recruitment Consultant

Somebody once told me that there are four major events that could change our lives drastically, they are; Getting married, having a baby, moving to a different city/country and getting a new job! A significant portion of this article will focus on how one’s life could change after getting a new job, more specifically a job as a Recruiter or rather a Recruitment Consultant.


Upon close observation, I have noticed that most people do not plan on becoming a Recruitment Consultant. This is because there is no specific educational or career path that will specifically prepare you for a career in the recruitment business. Being determined, strong-willed, ambitious, having an immense drive to succeed and a strong sense of desire to help others, are just some of the traits that a good Recruitment Consultant should embody. There are various roles in one’s career which act as a vehicle to provide the amalgamation of the skills mentioned above. Multiple roles offer the development of these essential skills and would allow a graceful entry into the recruiting industry.


I wasn’t aware of recruiting as a profession until someone showed me its true value and the myriad of benefits. It is not just a job but also a prosperous career. In this industry, each day is very different than the one before, and sometimes very unpredictable! Your Magnificent Monday may easily turn into a Turbulent Tuesday; consequently, your Turbulent Tuesday could just as quickly evolve into a Wonderful Wednesday. If that kind of mercurial environment sounds exciting to you, then you should absolutely consider joining this industry.


You may be wondering why I keep regurgitating the term “Recruitment Consultant” instead of merely using the word “Recruiter”? This is because that’s precisely who my colleagues and I and are! We are not just Recruiters; we are in fact Recruitment Consultants. In this industry, you will come across many Recruiters but very few Recruitment Consultants. Similarly, you will likely cross paths with many recruiting firms but not as many consultancies’. There is a fine line that separates a Recruiter from a Recruitment Consultant, and that same fine line also separates a recruiting “firm” from recruitment “consultancy”.


I’ve come to know the distinguishing factors between a regular recruiter and a recruitment consultant since joining the team at PMC Specialist Recruitment Solutions. Here I’ve met leaders who put others needs before themselves, and who believe in building a team driven atmosphere. Recently a friend told me that “Attitude reflects Atmosphere, and Atmosphere reflects Attitude”. This quote now resonates with me after meeting some great people who have the right attitude and have efficiently contributed to cultivating an optimistic atmosphere.


On my very first day at PMC, I was asked a very important, yet simple question, “Who do you work for?” Without giving it much thought, I replied “yourself”. Putting this into perspective on day one made me realize that this would be a gratifying journey. I have learned to look for people effectively by conducting company searches and reaching out to not just to the candidates who “can” do the job, but the ones who “are” doing the job.

After receiving your resume, a recruiter will source it out to as many companies as they can, in hopes that maybe one of those companies will respond back. I call this the “hope it sticks” method. This particular approach demonstrates that the recruiter is only interested in trying to place someone in the client’s role without understanding the candidate as a human. I’ve learnt that a Recruitment Consultant will take a consultative approach by first meeting with the candidate and understand what they are looking for in their next career opportunity. They will determine what the candidate is genuinely looking for and give them advice on how to look for the right job opportunity. They will not only offer their consultative services in regards to the candidate’s job search but will provide guidance and support on everything from updating a resume, the interview process and hiring managers to how to make an excellent first impression. Their role as a consultant will always be to offer support when a candidate may need career advice.


I have personally witnessed many return candidates due to the consultative approach of the Recruitment Consultant, which helps foster a relationship between the Recruitment Consultant and the candidate built on understanding, trust and respect. Every time I meet with a candidate, I don’t view them as just a “candidate” but as an actual person! And an opportunity to help improve their lives. The gratifying feeling of helping someone in this major life-changing event, his or her career is what a Recruitment Consultant lives for.


Daanish Ahmed

Business Manager, IT Solutions

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