How a specialist recruiter adds value

If you’re planning a new hire, or simply want to see who’s looking for a job out there, try bringing a specialist recruitment firm on board.

A specialist recruitment firm provides staffing solutions to companies from particular industries. Compared to a generalist recruiter, a specialist knows your industry and understands its particular human resource demands as well as the goals and aspirations of the people who work in that industry.

Here are five ways a specialist recruitment firm can add value to your organization and assist with your next key hire.

They work within and understand your industry.

Many construction companies may not think of it this way but consultants working for a specialist recruitment firm actually work in the same industry as they do they just serve a different purpose. They belong to the same associations, they attend the same networking events, and they are speaking with clients and candidates within the sector they specialize in on a daily basis. Some consultants may actually come from a technical background or direct from the industry they specialize. You can’t beat connections such as that, and you can’t find that level of insider knowledge anywhere else.

They recruit proactively.

 By meeting with and understanding a client’s business, culture and personalities, specialist recruiters can identify and qualify candidates more proactively. Since a specialist recruiter is always speaking to new candidates, he or she is effectively always recruiting for your organization—whether you have an active position or not.

Proactive recruitment can add tremendous value because speed is always a factor. If you had someone proactively working for your company from a recruitment perspective, the time taken to hire that desperately needed site superintendent to run the project you were just awarded is greatly reduced.

They know the hidden candidate market.

Specialist recruiters use all sources available to them to find candidates. One such source to which most companies don’t have access is a group known as passive candidates. Since consultants are speaking to potential candidates daily, they speak to certain candidates that are looking for very specific positions only, yet otherwise are very content in their current positions. The recruitment consultant is likely the only one that would know this information and in turn would know who and when to call.

Consultants in the industry are well networked. Ninety percent or more of the people they speak to are working within the industry. In a lot of cases passive candidates are much more likely to speak to a recruiter confidentially than approach an organization they compete with on their own.

They’ll do marketing and advertising for you.

If a recruitment firm is doing its job properly, it partners with your company by selling the position, the culture and the organization to potential candidates. This becomes a marketing tool for companies to use to attract good candidates to your organization.

Advertising is expensive, bottom line. Depending on the location and the quantity of advertisements a company wants to distribute, the costs can add up in a hurry. Recruitment firms advertise on your behalf through social media, associations and applicable job boards as part of their services.

They follow a detailed recruitment process.

 Specialist recruiters help define the specific position and responsibilities and then:

  • source and screen candidates for things such as skill-sets, employment histories, educational backgrounds, career objectives, expectations and motivations for looking at new opportunities,
  • conduct thorough interviews with all potential candidates,
  • complete reference checks on the candidates,
  • arrange and facilitate meetings,
  • provide constant feedback to both parties throughout the process,
  • offer preparation and negotiations between both parties,
  • closing candidates on the opportunities, and
  • offer aftercare process for up to six months after the candidate starts to facilitate communication and feedback.

The next time you’re in the market to fill a vacant position—or even if you’d just like to keep a line in the water to dangle in front of prospective new hires—talk to a specialist recruiter. They can add all kinds of value to your hiring process.

This article was written by Brad Dunlop, principal, design and construction with PMC Specialist Recruitment Solutions. Brad can be reached at 416-216-4630 or

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