Manufacturing Trends: The Future of IoT and Career Growth in 2019

The manufacturing world continues to change and grow as we adapt to a technological and automated world.  Over the last few years employers within this sector have been reducing labour costs and have moved towards a better future with Automation which is nothing new. In the last few years, machines and robots have allowed the industry to produce quickly and in turn, more effectively.


Needless to say, this opens the opportunity for those who know how to make these types of machines and equipment, giving an idea that their skills will continue to be needed by employers.  Automation is everywhere in the manufacturing industry, and Automation Engineers can expect ‘highly sought’ salaries which will keep trending north, especially since manufacturers have started looking into utilizing automation with IoT (Internet of Things).


For those who are unaware of IoT, it is a network of devices such as home appliances or vehicles that are connected to the internet and are collecting and sharing data through wireless networks.  IoT is developing rapidly, and many vertical manufacturing markets are following suit, including food, beverage, medical device, and automotive industries.


Many of these manufacturing industries will now be looking into IoT to help streamline their supply chain needs.  With the ability to collect and analyze data all at once, a company and it’s supply chain managers, can use this technology to monitor various sites in real-time.


Supply Chain Managers can expect to be introduced to this technology soon if they haven’t already.  And those that have will be sought by companies looking to implement them, thereby, exponentially increasing the demand of these technologies. This will create more growth for supply chain and logistics at all levels as companies move towards executing IoT.  Many companies have already started and are growing their teams at all levels.


Along with supply chain and logistics, automation engineers and technicians are already sought mainly by companies, and they will continue to trend in that direction as the world continues to move toward a more robotic world.  These types of roles are already highly sought and will continue to trend that way for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020.


The Manufacturing industry is one that offers competitive salaries and tremendous career growth which has made it extremely attractive amongst job seekers, who continuously develop and hone their skills in order to be up to date with the current hiring trends within the industry. To see the current Manufacturing job openings PMC Specialist Recruitment Solutions is hiring for, check out the careers page on our website.

Marc Spadafora 
Business Manager, Technical & Scientific
PMC Specialist Recruitment Solutions

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