Organizations partner with PMC Specialist Recruitment Solutions to fulfill their recruitment efforts on a contingency basis. Our executive approach towards contingency search differentiates us from our competitors within each of our specialist verticals. Our account management style allows you to maintain one point of contact for all your recruitment needs ensuring consistent service and priority levels at all stages of the recruitment cycle. Furthermore, we understand that organizations face different challenges in their staffing requirements and therefore our flexible recruitment solutions cater to individual business needs. Our objective is to understand your business goals and objectives to ensure we support your current and future requirements.

In partnering with PMC Specialist Recruitment Solutions, your organization’s human capital needs and requirements are handled by experienced consultants who have a specialist focus offering flexible staffing solutions. Our thorough recruitment process is designed to meet the needs of its clients by dedicating our resources to understanding your organizations business goals, culture and the human capital needed to fulfill your objectives. A specialist focus ensures you are working with a consultant who understands your industry and market, offering screened and qualified candidates that meet your precise needs.

Our experienced consultants have gained valuable contacts over the years and considerable knowledge in the markets and verticals they service. PMC Specialist Recruitment Solutions is dedicated to sourcing candidates through referrals and direct recruitment alongside searching an extensive and proactive database while producing and implementing advertising campaigns designed to attract quality candidates that meet your organizational requirements.

We look forward to producing the results that you expect…..


In July, Canada Added Less than Half of June’s Jobs Increase

Posted on Monday August 10, 2020

Canada’s Jobs ‘Claw-Back’ Ratio Now Exceeds 50% In July, the total number of jobs in Canada rose by 419,000, according to Statistics Canada, bringing the cumulative figure for the latest three months to +1.661 million. June’s number was +952,000 and May’s, +290,000. In March and April, with the economy immobilized by fear of the coronavirus, […]

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Canadian Retail & Food Services Sales in May Show Some Recovery

Posted on Monday August 10, 2020

A Faint Echo of Normalcy in Hospitality Sales? In the U.S., retail and food services sales are combined in a single monthly report from the Census Bureau. Also, the data is relatively current. Latest results are for June 2020. In Canada, ‘retail sales’ appear in one report, but one must chase down ‘food services and […]

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Ontario announces preferred route for new 400-series highway

Posted on Monday August 10, 2020

TORONTO — The Ontario government has confirmed the preferred route for a new 400-series highway and transit corridor across York, Peel and Halton regions. The GTA West corridor will include a four- to six-lane 400-series highway and separate infrastructure dedicated for transit and passenger stations, as well as intelligent transportation features and truck parking, stated […]

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